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Mechanist Games Celebrates the Lantern Festival.
  Date       2022-02-15

On the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, a full moon rises to signify the last day of the Spring Festival. For this auspicious day, Mechanist Games treated its own staff to their very own little Lantern Festival.

A bevy of Colorful Lanterns bearing riddles were hung from the ceiling of the offices here– rewards awaited those that could solve them. In fact, if you were the clever one to solve the most riddles, you were given rich rewards!

In the canteen, Sweet dumplings were served. Sweet dumplings, or “tangyuan,” represent togetherness and brings harmony, happiness, and good luck to families all over China.

The family here at Mechanist Games certainly hopes everyone meets with good luck — let’s hope we all continue to grow, learn, and have fun in the New Year!