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Xinjiang Deputy Director of Commerce Department Visited Mechanist Games
  Date       2022-02-21

The Xinjiang Deputy Director of Commerce, Shuo Zhang, along with a delegation of officials from Xinjiang paid Mechanist Games a visit on Feb 21st, 2022. Vanessa Lu, the CEO of Mechanist games greeted the delegation, familiarizing them with Mechanist Games’ Xiamen headquarters.

During the tour, the delegation remarked on the achievements that Mechanist Games had accomplished in overseas markets. They also made note of how much progress Mechanist Games has made — indicative of the culture and community that the company has fostered over the years.

Shuo Zhang discussed how Mechanist Games might interface with education and training institutions to absorb up and coming talent into the ranks of the company. Yi Guo, a member of Xinjiang’s National Animation Creative R&D Center, further indicated that Mechanist Games should work with Colleges to provide internships opportunities to students. As a result both Mechanist Games and local governments can benefit.

Adjacent to Central Asian Countries and Russia, Xinjiang has natural geographical advantages and is also an important hub in the country's "Belt and Road" construction.

Xinjiang exports a number of valuable goods, but chief among those is the rich and vibrant culture of its people. The delegation from the Xinjiang Department of Commerce wanted to stress the importance of cultural exchange and how Mechanist Games can help facilitate its presentation to outside markets. From Mechanist Games’ perspective, it is dedicated to seeking breakthroughs and key points of cooperation in facilitating the exchange of cultural ideas overseas.

Spreading Chinese culture isn’t limited by time or distance. Mechanist Games takes a firm stance in helping to pave the road for cultural communication and plans to expand into the future.