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Deputy Mayor of Ganzhou City Visiting Mechanist Games
  Date       2022-03-07

On March 7th 2022, officials from Ganzhou City, including Deputy Mayor SuiLian Chen paid Mechanist Games a visit.

The group was greeted warmly and given a tour of the company’s facilities. They got to learn about the history of Mechanist Games and took a look at the achievements displayed on the company’s Cultural Wall. They remarked on the importance that Mechanist Games had in China’s cultural export industry in the past.

The tour continued, including an overview of the working facilities of the office, where the group saw first-hand the daily routine of employees. Deputy Mayor Chen expressed appreciation for the creative spirit of the office as well as Mechanist Games’ commitment to meeting the needs of its staff.

Throughout their visit, Deputy Mayor Chen and his colleagues discussed Mechanist Games’ future plans, and how they might match industry expectations. The group’s visit marks their full support for the core ideals and development goals of Mechanist Games. Furthermore, Mechanist Games has committed itself to spreading Chinese culture to the greater world as its primary task towards the company’s development.