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Mechanist Games Donates Towards Constructing a Village Clinicin Zhangjiagou!
  Date       2019-07-09

Zhangjiagou village is located in Gansu Province, Linxia prefecture, the remote northwest of China. It's a warm and mild hamlet between the Tibetan and Loess Plateaus.

Though this quaint rural settlement is over 2000km away, Mechanist Games has been able to help them through the East-West China Poverty Collaborative, started by chairman Xi Jinping at the Symposium on Poverty Alleviation Coordination.

In answering this call to action, Mechanist has donated 100,000 RMB to construct a village clinic with modern medical equipment and trained medical staff.

We hope to accelerate the poverty-alleviation and potential-realization of Linxia, and wish them the best of health!